The beerserkers are an elite mercenary band, a nightmare of every enemy and an indomitable force on a battlefield.

Their special brew - the formula is carefuly kept in secret - lends them inhuman strength and resilience during combat, so that they swing a huge barrel filled with the drink as it were a twig, landing devastating blows. Beerserkers start sluggish, but as the battle proceeds, they take sips from their "warhammer" of sorts, growing stronger and stronger with each draught, while simultaneously the weapon grows lighter, thus flying around even faster than in the beginning.

When not fighting, they resort to their favourite pastime - drinking. It takes years of training to become a beerserker, and even then, one has to stay in shape!



The cenfelis, as you have probably guessed, are a race of creatures with half body of a cat and half of a human. They are nimble, perceptive, and fast, making them good hunters, and, surprisingly, adept singers and music performers. They also love luxury, debauchery and are, naturally, as lazy as a cat. So the invention of a mousetrap had really quite stirred things for them.


The Pillars

Probably one of the most spectacular and vast features of Edarneor, these rock formations usually rise straight from the sea, just off the coast. A desolate and inaccessible place as it is, rarely visited by mankind, it serves home to numerous bird colonies and unique flora.
Some winds can also be harvested only here.

Here's a bit more detailed account of the landmark's origin from one of the inhabitants.