The Climb

Most people don't remember how these cliffs came to be. But we do keep track of the account.
First, there was only the sea. A vast shallow lagoon, going on for miles.

Then the tubes rose, gradually, over centuries, slowly built by tiny plants, their shells hardening after they wither. Inside each of those wells water was pumped up, always staying level with the top.

Reaching tremendous heights, the pillars gradually covered in dust, earth and moss, their outer shell petrifying completely, no different from any rock. Shrubs and grasses grew on the outcrops, trees crowned the tops.
But something inside there still grows, and the water still leaks through the cracks near the top of each.

This particular man I spotted when flying by - I can never imagine what would he want all this way up. We get few of them here, and fewer even climb that high.
Anyway, it's not my nest and none of my business.

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