The Succession

Perhaps, the most distinct feature of an alien species that call themselves "the Transient" is the ability to exchange bodies.

This has led to many a social adaptation in various areas, ranging from warfare to everyday life, most important of which is the de facto immortality of the ruling class. Whenever an aristocrat reaches old age, he is granted a young body to exchange into, from the ranks of delinquent, offenders, or otherwise marginal elements. The victim is therefore left to live whatever little time the previous owner's aging body has, after the exchange.

The Emperor, however, won't accept just about any criminal's vessel. His successor is carefully selected among the most healthy and fit, and is given the highest honors before, and after the exchange - hardly a consolation.
Here we can see the exchange ceremony in progress: at a traditional succession site
that has been used for millennia - a cliff overlooking the empire capital. All the high-ranking nobles are present, along with the chosen one's family - which is of course instantly elevated in status. The guards are there too, just in case the candidate changes his mind in the last moment.

For the first time in history, humans are allowed to spectate. They are quite some way from home though - if one looks closely over the horizon, it's just possible to discern a star which is our Sol.

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