Eadknairese armor, Thrimas period.

Formidable sets of armor like this date back to the rule of Thrimas dynasty of Eadknair, spanning some two hundred years. Produced in quite large numbers, these sets shared most of the parts, with some variance in shape or decorations, depending on the owner's rank and role. They were highly practical, comfortable for the most part, and therefore not heavily adorned, but still had style.

This particular plate was used in Eadknair's campaign against the Centermages. That didn't go well. The centermages ended up with huge piles of steel-setar alloy junk (cleanly separated from it's vaporized owners), which they, being by and large the robed pricks, hardly had any use for. So they quickly made some of those suits into magically animated armor to guard whatever arcane treasures they deemed fit.

After several more decades, some clever bounty hunters came across one, and decided to capture the beast. After some careful preparation, they lured the walking tin (a stupid creature, if anything: no brain in an empty helmet of course!) into a pit filled with fresh liquid mortar. They poured some on top, and when the block was solid - simply dug it out. The plan was to sell the rarity to the highest bidder, but during transport, as the armor drew further away from the place of its enchantment, the magic wore off, and the scavengers were left with good quality, but absolutely mundane attire.

Over the following years the armor changed several hands until it ended up as a family heirloom in possession of one Mahk (a title, equivalent to sir) Boleere. The guy claims to have had ancestors connected to Thrimas house, and the artifact is just so handy to prove it.
Unexpectedly though, the armor fits him just right. And even seems to anticipate his movements at times. "Strange, is it? I should probably take it to a local sage, let 'im 'ave a glance..." thinks Boleere now and then.

How do I know all this, you ask? Oh, that's a long story... ;)

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